Monday, September 12, 2011

The Golledge's came to town...

This past week Justin's parents came to town to visit us for a few days before the semester started. 
We had such a wonderful time and were sad to see them go.

They got here Sunday night and left Thursday morning.

Monday we went to the Bodies Exhibit in Idaho Falls. It was so cool to see all of the bodies. It amazes me that some people think we just all of the sudden came to be. When you see something like that it just confirms that there is a God in Heaven.
Later that night we met up with Justin's cousin Sean and his wife Emily for dinner and a movie. 
Tuesday we woke up bright and early to head over to Jackson Hole, WY to go white water rafting!

Bob in Joyce in the car on the way there.
Us waiting to load the van to head out to the river

Bob and Joyce waiting too. We were so excited!
Justin after the trip down the river. He just got a little wet ;)

 The beautiful Snake River
 Looking good after getting drenched! haha. not!

If you want to see our rafting pictures go here:

After rafting we went into downtown Jackson to walk around and have lunch. It is so pretty there.

Probably my favorite picture of the whole trip! 
I love you Bob!

In front of one of the antler arches

Justin was having a tender moment with Mark Twain
And I was chatting it up with Honest Abe
We spent Wednesday just hanging out.
Bob and Justin went on a bike ride while Joyce and I went shopping.
Later that night we went to see a movie.

We were sad to have to take them to the airport on Thursday morning but we got to snap a few more pictures before they left :)

We can't wait to see them next month at Travis's and Megan's wedding!