Thursday, April 29, 2010

Love My Life

my husband is the best...he just out of the blue told me that he was thinking today how much he loves me and how there is no way he could live without me and not have me in his life!!!! awwwwwww! Love you justin!!

Saturday, April 24, 2010

Reflection Day

Today was bittersweet! Today was the 12th week of Valleys Biggest Loser! Today was the last day we would meet as a group until the last weigh in 3 weeks from now! Today we wore the amount of weight we have lost in a back pack and did an hour long workout! O my how far we've come! I lost another 2 lbs this week for a total of 22.6 overall! Just glad I wasn't Joy on my team who's lost 65!! This has been one of the most amazing experiences of my life! I could not have asked to have met better people to have had a better trainer or to have done it with anyone else but one of my best friends! GO YELLOW!!

Week 1 team picture
Week 11 Team picture


Jennifer and I

Basketball Challenge

Most of you already know that I played basketball in high school! I haven't really gotten to play in the past 3 years so this was by far my favorite challenge!!! We got to play each team, 4 quarters, 2 1/2 min quarters! Yellow team kicked some bootay! Lindsey, the girl with the brace on her leg, plays in college so between the 2 of us it was so much fun! Its always fun when you play with people who don't play because you look like a superstar but as soon as you play with anyone who does you stink! HAHA! Well we won and this too of course got crazy competitive between the orange and gray teams so they took away the prize! No fair! At least we had the satisfaction of the win and first in total weight loss again!This my friends is my beloved pink "Bubba Keg" this thing goes EVERY WHERE with me! I try to drink 1-2 a day!!

Tards in Tutus

Jennifer, Sherri, and I have acquired this lovely nickname throughout this past 12 weeks! I guess we are "tards" because of the beautiful lovely tights and the tutu part is self explanatory! Anyways for this challenge we had to answer questions and nutrition. Get it wrong run one direction get it right the other direction. Blue team won this one but once again we were first in weight loss! GO YELLOW!!!

Puzzle/Run Challenge

During this challenge we had to first solve a puzzle together as a team and then run in groups to different areas and collect a ball. Which ever team collected the most balls within the given time one. It was way fun! I must say that gray team won but I forgot to mention that on the last post and this one our team came in first for weight loss for the week!! Way better than any challenge! And boy to our faces look chunky in the fourth picture! They've gone down since then ;)

Water Balloon Challenge

We had this challenge I think about a month ago and boy did it get crazy! Let me tell you people losing weight get CRAZY!!! It must be the lack of sugar! HAHA! Any who we had to hold hands with our partner and run to the other end with one of us holding a water balloon. We then had to toss it to our "catcher" at the other end and which ever team had the most balloons in their bucket at the end won. Well due to these crazy competitive people and fighting about the rules and who did what orange team came in first!! O well! Still love my yellow!!

Tuesday, April 20, 2010

Firetruck Challenege!!

Well of course the one saturday that there is a really cool challenge I can't participate! Friday night at our last chance workout I sprained my deltoid and therefore was in a sling for saturday when they got to see how far they could PUSH A 22 TON FIRETRUCK!!!! It was so cool to watch and of course my beloved team pushed it the furthest :)

That's the back of my head and my sling cheering on my team!

This is a link to the video of my team pushing it the furthest!!/video/video.php?v=1412728563774&oid=284602157325

Our most recent team photo!

O and btw i've finally hit one my short term goals...20 lbs!! YAY!!

and once again this is the nasty picture of what those 20 pounds look like...

Thursday, April 15, 2010

Saturday, April 3, 2010

Feeling Good!!

I am 18.2 lbs down as of this morning! I feel so good. The weight is nice but its not as important to me as my health or how I feel! 52 lbs to go!!

Thursday, April 1, 2010

Lucy's 9 month pictures

This was right before we left to go...she's been making this face a lot!!! silly girl!!
My nana bought this for her. It is so funny because it is a head band but has the pig tails on it to make it look like she has hair!! we had to get at least one picture with it :)

Love this baby! She has her two bottom teeth and are working really hard on the top two.

And who can forget about the Easter bunny...we though for sure she would scream but she just kept looking up at him with a quizzical look thinking who the heck are you! it was so funny!