Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Celebrating Justins 1st day of work...

Well since there are so many exciting things to do here in Rexburg we decided we would go to dinner and a movie. Typical us ;) So when Justin got home from his first day in the office (which by the way went well) we headed to one of Rexburg's finest establishments...Craigo's! One of my favorite things here in Rexburg is the fact that since everyone has babies no one seems to care if their kid screams non-stop (insert sarcasm). The lady sitting across from us literally sat there the whole time not once looking at her kid that was screaming the whole time. Now don't get me wrong...I know full well that when Justin and I have kids they aren't going to be silent little angels but there is such thing as common courtesy to others especially in a restaurant and you can at least attempt to keep them quiet...okay enough of that...Us at dinner...
Justin can never seem to make a normal face

Since we had time between dinner and the movie we headed to the wonderful Rexburg walmart to pick up a few things...
Justin was in heaven with all of the fishing and hunting gear!
He was getting into the Idaho spirit...

So I thought I'd join in with the "Hunting Hottie" hat!

After enjoying an hour or so in Walmart we headed to the cheap seats to see this gem...this was the only movie playing at the appropriate time so we went...surprisingly really really funny and actually had a good message at the end...it was a little inappropriate at some points but overall good.
Needless to say I am pretty much blogging about this fun filled evening because I am soooooo bored! No one is in Rexburg yet because school doesn't start until next Thursday, Justin is at work with our only car, and I can only do so much laundry! I guess I'll go plan out the meals for the next year...that should waste some time ;)

Saturday, August 28, 2010

Golledge Fam Comes to Sexy Rexy

Justin's family were in Salt Lake City, UT on Friday for Justin's cousins wedding...since they have never been to Rexburg before they came up today for a short visit to see this thriving metropolis and to see where we will be living for the next 2 years or so...
Justin, Troy, and Spencer

Justin trying to be lady like

Brothers minus 2
Bob and Joyce

Justin getting in touch with his farming side

We took this picture when he came to visit me here before we were engaged...
So we thought we would re-create it...and yes we have definitely gained the mandatory married weight ;)
We had a great time with them...we ate a late lunch at Craigo's, went to Deseret Book, and walked around campus!!! I'm glad they could make it up!!

Our Home

We arrived in Rexburg in the late afternoon on Thursday and got straight to work...it feels so good to be all unpacked and feel at home!!This is our living room
Another view of the living room

2nd bedroom
Office area in 2nd bedroom
View of the kitchen from the living room

Sorta Hallway
Hall Closet

View of bedroom from the bathroom

Closets...all my stuff...Justin gets the 2nd bedroom closet ;)


We love it here so far...it will be nice though when everyone starts getting here...its kind of a ghost town right now!!!
Oh and in case you haven't heard...Justin interviewed with that German speaking customer service rep on Friday morning and HE GOT THE JOB!!! We are so happy and relieved and we know that Heavenly Father really answers prayers!!

Road Trippin'

We left this past Tuesday for Idaho...we drove to Provo, UT first and Alex and Shauna Geyer were kind enough to let us stay with them for 2 nights...We left at 5am...you can tell by our eyes ;)
Visiting Blair at her salon...she was kind enough to give Justin a hair cut before his interview and give me a pedicure just because she loves me!!

Lucy GeyerIs she not just so cute!!
Shauna and Alex...we took them to five guys the 2nd night as a thanks for letting us stay with them!!

Justin thinks he is really funny

Afterwards we went to play mini golf and had a blast

We had a great time in Provo with them and hope they come to visit us soon!!!

Surprise Going Away Party

Thursday Afternoon last week Jennifer texted me and told me that Justin and I needed to be at her house at 6:30 the next night...I knew something was up! When we got there she surprised us with a little going away get together with my friends from the yellow team...I love her! She is such a good friend to me!Jennifer and I
Sherri, Me, Jennifer

Typical Us ;)

Jennifer, Me, Dori, Rebecca, and Buddy
Love the Hale Family!

Last Sunday

The Sunday before we left my Grandma made us a special going away dinner of all the things we love...I think she had enough food to feed an army...I played a lot with this girl...who I must say I miss A LOT!!!
Justin and Lucy

Love my Grandpa

Us girls
Love her
Uncle Bob and Aunt Deb
My mom!!
It was sad to say our goodbyes but we are enjoying our new adventure!