Thursday, January 20, 2011

This was me yesterday...

I went to leave at 830 for my classes yesterday morning. We have a remote start on our car so I started it, put the keys in the ignition, and closed the door to keep the heat in while I went to open the back door to get the scraper out to scrape the ice off of my windshield. Except for when I tried to open the back door it was locked and so were all of the other doors.
My keys, phone, everything was in the car. I had to go down to our neighbors to borrow their phone and luckily our insurance covered a locksmith.
Needless to say at 10 o'clock he finally showed up and opened my door.
What a waste of gas!!!!!!!
Hopefully I won't do that again!

Sunday, January 9, 2011


this cute boy gets home and his wife could not be any more excited!!

and this picture just shows why I love him so much :)

Wednesday, January 5, 2011

first day...

So let me begin this post with sharing that at this point in time I am super sick with a nasty head cold, Justin is at a convention at the Disneyland hotel until Sunday which I could have been at with him if I didn't have to start stinkin school, and I had my first day of classes today...

I have 6 classes this semester (well technically 5 1/4 since the lab is only 1 credit)

7:45- GEOG 101 lab
9:00- HIST 300
10:15- GEOG 101
11:30- ED PSYCH 304

So to begin the morning I drag myself out of bed to go out in the freezing temperatures to scrap ice off of my car (BTW could not be happier to have a car-I think I would have DIED if I had to walk-Literally) drive up to campus to park and although I paid for a parking permit I cannot find it anywhere because Justin put it somewhere when I was gone and now it is MIA.
Get to my Geography Lab where he tells us attendance isn't mandatory!!! WOOHOO!!! 7:45 would be the end of me! Thanks dad for being a geography teacher ;)
Next up HIST 300. I was nervous about this class before I even got there. Walk in and there are about maybe 17 students. Professor begins to scare us by telling us that the statistics are that 1/3 of the class will fail (did I mention the class is only 17 students-the odds aren't good).
Apparently its meant to weed out the wanna bees and the true historians (whatever that's supposed to mean)
Average grade is a C-. Great at this point my head is pounding, I need to blow my nose, and I think I just peed my pants in fear!
After a trip to the bathroom to blow my nose and to make sure I really didn't pee my pants I head out into the cold to my Geography class. Can already tell this is going to be the longest hour of them all. Now don't get me wrong I really like geography but I don't think the professor could be any more dry and monotone.
Last but not least ED this point I could not wait to be done so I could just go crawl into bed with the option to blow my nose whenever I felt like it.
Now since this is an ED class all the students are aspiring teachers. We all remember the super weirdy teachers, the normal ones, and the super awesome ones (which will be me. HAHA. JK. well hopefully)
Anyhoo this class is not lacking in the weirdy department! Its full of them in fact. This should be an interesting semester.
Once that was over I headed to my car to find a warning for not having a permit...guess I better find that soon.
Came home, ate lunch, fell asleep for 4 1/2 hours, went to walmart to pick up medicine, Kleenex, and cupcakes (the remedy to any cold) and am now sitting here alone boring you all with my post. Whats a girl to do when her husbands gone??

Tuesday, January 4, 2011

Christmas Break 2010

Although we got an awesome new camera for Christmas I only managed to take a few pictures of the time we were in Temecula. We had a great time!
We went ice skating with Justin's family one night and I was so afraid to break anything due to a lack of insurance that I was quiet a weenie and watched everybody else most of the time.
Bob and Justin waiting to get their skates (Justin hates for me to take pictures so he usually ends up looking drugged)
Me and Joyce
Tuesday Joyce, Spencer, Troy and I went to Disneyland to meet up with some of Joyce's friends who were visiting from Utah! It was so packed!! They weren't letting anyone else into Disneyland because it was so full so it took me a good two hours and a lot of pleading for them to let me in!! I had to get in one last time!!
The Bunkers and The Golledges at Disneyland
I'm pretty much chopped liver next to Justin now when it comes to Lucy! She is absolutely obsessed with him!! All we ever heard her saying was "Justin, Justin! Up!"
She insists on going into the bathroom with me every time and yesterday when I flushed the toilet she waved and said, "Bye, Bye Pee Pee" I love that girl!!

I was able to hang out with Dana and Canaan
Had lunch with my family...several times ;)
Mom and Dad
To top it all off this is my new favorite picture! Sums up Lucy perfectly! So much attitude in such a little package but that's why we love her!!!

Saturday, January 1, 2011

I think I've lost all my marbles...

because I actually miss this place! Crazy, I know!!

When I come home I realize how much I don't miss this...
I realize that I like being around these kinds of people...
Not these kinds of people...
and when you smell cigarette smoke you think it is weird rather than the norm...
I miss being in a place where you can drive down the freeway and this is on the side of the road!
as well as this...
and where this is pretty much the only place to shop.

All in all i think its safe to say...

Well at least for now I do. I think its the fact that Rexburg is where our home now is...
Its where are friends are...
Its where we are our own little family...
I always miss my family but we are sure enjoying our adventures in Idaho!