Thursday, November 26, 2009

Disneyland for Thanksgiving...

This year my family went to Arizona and we stayed here to be with Justin's family. We had already had a thanksgiving dinner around Jim's funeral when everybody was here so we decided what the heck why not go to Disneyland! It was sort of crowded but we had a great time. It was Justin, Troy, Spencer, Bob, Joyce, and are a few pictures from the day...

Thursday, November 19, 2009

Decking the Halls...

I know its early and we haven't even celebrated Thanksgiving yet but we wanted to enjoy the season as long as we could. Our first Christmas as an engaged couple Justin was sick, and our first Christmas as a married couple I woke up with the flu. Soooo I am praying that we both are healthy this year and if not we're getting a jump start at least. Justin likes to put on the star and I don't mind...hes taller ;)
showing off the finished product

love it all lit upabout to bake some chocolate chip cookies to help the mood
and Christmas season never really starts until you watch Christmas Vacation!
we put him on the inside until December actually rolls around...
When I put Santa up on the mantel I realized that he was sort of covering Christ which is kind of how Christmas is to most people. Sad...when we get our stockings hes coming down!!!
Happy Holidays to All!!!

Sunday, November 15, 2009

Grandpa Jim's Funeral

the tables on your way into the chapel
son and fatherbrother and sister
Justin and i

We had Justin's grandpa's funeral yesterday in Menifee. Jim Golledge was such a great man and in the words of my father in law, "it was a great and dreadful day." It was great because we were able to celebrate his life and his many accomplishments and it was dreadful because he wasn't there able to share it with us. I grew to love Jim in this past two years and he will be missed but I know that he is watching over us. Love you Jim!!

Monday, November 9, 2009

Is she not the cutest...

Love those chubby cheeks!!
She always tries to flash everybody!! haha

wearing blairs hat
cutest girl at the pumpkin patch!!

Grandpa Jim

Justin's grandpa passed away last night at 8:20pm. Jim Golledge will definitely be missed. He has had a 7 year struggle with Alzheimer's and I've only known him the past 2 years of it. When I first met him he could remember my name and then the disease slowly took its toll. Around august i started watching Jim a few days a week and then towards the end only once a week on Tuesdays so Sheri could get out of the house. During that time I came to love that man. Every time I would come to watch him I would say, "Hi Jim!" and he wold perk right up and raise his eyebrows at me. Even to the bitter end he would recognize me. Grandpa Jim suffered a fall last Sunday and it just made him shut down. He stopped swallowing on Tuesday so that stopped him from eating or drinking anything. Since Tuesday we've been with him. It was so hard to see him deteriorate the way he did, but when he finally passed last night he looked so peaceful and we knew that he was with his family probably doing cartwheels and was so excited to finally have control again of his mind. What would we do without the gospel and the knowledge we have of eternal families. Sheri and Jim were married for 56 years and you could see how much she loved him by the way she cared for him. He will be missed but we are grateful that he no longer has to suffer. Love you Jim!