Sunday, October 24, 2010

the "s" word...

Rexburg Weather Forecast
Monday 10/25/10
Rain/Snow Showers
High of 39 Low of 28
Yup that's right people the dreaded "s" word may make an appearance tomorrow...please hold off a little longer...please!!!!!!!!!!

Wednesday, October 20, 2010


I have been observing and I find myself laughing almost daily while on campus here at BYU-I DO...
Pretty much there are only two reasons you come to school here...
1. Get married
2. Get an education (and yes this is second to getting married)
It is joked about, but it is 100 percent true and there are many people that take this task SERIOUSLY!!!
As I rode my bike to school I saw several girls that were primped, curled, dressed super cute and had that "I'm gonna find a man!" look in their eyes!
These single people always make sure to attend devotional so they can show the opposite sex how righteous and spiritual they are.
They make sure that they attend every activity that there may be an opportunity to meet their eternal companions.
Both ladies and gents flirt relentlessly and half the time make a fool out of themselves.
I must say it makes for some great entertainment and I can't even say how nice it is to go to school just to go to school. Although even if your married that doesn't stop some guys from trying!

Candy Topiaries Link

Since many of you asked how I made those candy topiaries here is the link...

Tuesday, October 19, 2010

The Haunted Mill

Last night we went to The Haunted Mill which is about 15 min outside of Rexburg. Justin and I went about three years ago when he came to visit me before we were engaged! For most of you that know me, you know that I am a total wimp. I get scared basically by anything and this place is SCARY!!! I think the creepiest part is that its an actual old mill so the setting is perfect...anyways this is it...Justin and I before going in...I was practically having a panic attack!
Jared and Crystal with a creepy Devin in the background! haha

Justin could have been one of the people scaring you inside ;)
The group
Crystal and I
It was fun but I'm glad its over! Haha!
Until next year...

Monday, October 18, 2010

Happy Birthday Brad

Happy Birthday to this stud! Okay ladies he just turned 13 today so only a few more years until he can date! Love you little brother!

Sunday, October 17, 2010

Pet Peeve

We had stake conference this weekend which by the way was great! However both last night and this morning we had the privilege of sitting next to two terrible children and their respective parents. The one little girl was covered in some sort of brown stuff, had no shoes on, made sure to hit me several times, and laughed and cried the whole meeting. The little boy this morning decided that he would use his toy horse to bang on the metal chair while his mother just looked straight ahead. He also kept hitting the guy next to him and throwing temper tantrums.

Now don't get me wrong I now love children (I used to hate them) but I have a real problem with children that are loud, obnoxious, whiny, dirty, and mean in church and their parents pay no attention to them! I mean come on! Seriously?! What is the deal here.

I've come up with a theory...I think because everyone and their brother pretty much has a young child that they think that no one will care if their kid is screaming at the top of their lungs in church so they never bother to take them out.

I remember when I had one of those stupid computerized dolls in my child development class in high school that as soon as that thing started to cry in sacrament meeting I booked it!

I can't say how I will be as a parent because I am not currently one, but I can tell you one thing-my kid will not be screaming in sacrament meeting while I just listen as if nothing is wrong. I'm sorry but there are some people who would like to hear and feel the Spirit...just saying. I know you would like to hear too but that's just a sacrifice you have to make when you have young children...that's why there are speakers in the foyer.

Well enough of my rambling, i just had to see how you guys feel about this...don't mean to offend anyone.

Hope you have a great week!

Saturday, October 16, 2010

my new favorite...

I found this vinyl saying the other day and decided to make a sign for our living room so I can always be reminded that no matter what happens in life, happiness is a choice and I want to strive to always have a positive attitude and choose happiness!

date night with the riggs...

Emily invited us to go bowling with them last night and of course we said yes because we never get to see these two...they're always so busy!!!
Anyhoo Emily had a choir performance last night as well so we went to support...
This picture explains our relationship perfectly ;)

After the concert...please excuse my hideous appearancePretty much why i love her.

Justin beat us fair!

What to say about Hugh...well Hugh tried! ha ha
Emily was just pure entertainment.

Justin was really only interested in his nachos ;)
And for this I have no words!

Thanks for the great time Emily and Hugh! Until next time...

Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Flag Football and Snuggies!!!

After our softball game the boys had a flag football game so being the good wives that we are we went to support even though it was FREEZING!!!!
I was so excited when Crystal whipped out these beauties for us to bring with us!
Evidence of us freezing our tushes off!!!

Men in action!
Isn't he a cutie :)

It doesn't get better than sitting on the field and having this to look at :)
The supportive wives

The boys

He wanted to share ;)

Whats better than one snuggie?...Two snuggies! One front and one back!

this is what happens when...

you repeatedly ask your husband to put the toilet paper on the toilet paper roll instead of leaving it on the counter...

and no that is not what you think it is on the seat...rather toilet water from the entry splash which really isn't much better!

Love you Justin ;)

Monday, October 11, 2010

weekend getaway...

We were able to head down to Salt Lake this past weekend for a little getaway...we needed a little break from rexburg ;) And I wanted Blair to do our hair! So nice to have a family of hairdressers!

We were able to stay with the Services who have been super close family friends since I was born!

Saturday morning we went to Will's soccer game. Will belongs to Elsha and Elsha belongs to Patti and Chad...He seriously is the cutest kid who is way beyond his years! He always keeps you entertained with his funny comments! My new favorite Will comment was said to his grandpa, Chad, after he caught a chicken at the rodeo...

Will: Hey Cops(what he calls chad) Does that chicken have chicken in it?

Chad: Ya

Will: Then lets eat it!

I don't think he realized you would have to kill the chicken to eat it!

This is Lucy...Will's little sister and Elsha has another on the way!

Action Shot...we said that there really isn't a need for defenders because your own teammates steal the ball from you :)

Will and Lucy...when one would look the other wouldn't!

Justins dream come true!!! Cabelas!This place is huge!!!!! I spent most of my time here in the home decor section which was mostly cabin looking stuff (not really my cup-o-tea) and in the shoe section (i pretty much love ALL shoes!!)

Patti and Chad were so kind and took us to Texas Roadhouse for lunch and Blair and her roommate met us there!

It was a great weekend and a nice change of scenery!
Until next time...

Tuesday, October 5, 2010

I Actually Made Something!!!!!!!!

I'm the type that goes to the store and buys the cute things that other people make, but Heather told me about these and so we decided to make them! We went and got everything but I didn't get to finish them until tonight. In the middle of putting the candy on Justin came out of our room and wanted to be crafty too haha so he joined me and made the one in the middle. You gotta love my husband...he cross stitches and likes to craft! I swear he is more of a woman than I am ;) Any who I am happy with the way they came out and hopefully I can continue to at least attempt to be crafty! Thanks again Heather!!

Sunday, October 3, 2010

Conference Dinner

I get so excited for conference weekend and this one did not disappoint! Loved it!Since it was conference weekend we thought it would be fun to have some friends over for dinner! So we did!
This is who came:
Taylor and Heather Osborne
Meghan and MckennaHugh and Emily Riggs

This is what we ate...
(disclaimer: these are not pictures of my actual cooking...these look much prettier than mine did!)
Caesar Salad

Garlic Bread

And Heather made a very yummy dessert :)

This is what we played...

And this is the tired host and hostess...
(well I should say I'm tired because I cleaned, cooked, did the dishes, etc. while Justin watched T.V. ! HAHA...well he did clean the toilet so we'll give him points for that!)

We had a great time with everybody and can't wait to do it again! Thanks guys for coming!

Friday, October 1, 2010

Going Private

I've finally decided that its time to go private. I'm just a little creeped out thinking that anyone and everyone is able to read about our lives and potentially stock us. Now don't get me wrong I totally don't think that we are even that interesting or cool enough to have a stalker or even have anyone who cares what the heck is going on with us I think I would just feel better if I knew who was checking us out ;) So please, if you could be so kind, leave me a comment with you name and email. You have until Halloween. Ready, set, go...