Wednesday, September 29, 2010

Softball Game

We had our first softball game last night and it was so fun! Justin and I are on our wards team. The team we were actually supposed to play didn't have enough people show up so they had to forfeit but there was a different team there willing to play us for fun so that's what we did!Of course I made us get matching shirts ;)
I wanted to write our names on the back but Justin wouldn't let me!
Jared and Crystal Roberts

Crystal and I
Justin took this picture...I actually hit it and made it to first base :)

Besides hyper extending my shoulder once again it was a blast! Can't wait for the next one!

Saturday, September 25, 2010

Mountain Biking

Justin has been dying to go mountain biking so our neighbors, Jared and Crystal Roberts were kind enough to take him out. Crystal and I didn't ride but we did drive out there with them so we could pick them up at the end of the ride. I got super car sick from the windy, dirt roads but we still had a great time!Jared is a little strange! haha! just kidding ;)

Justin is his dorky bike helmet
I swear we aren't holding hands!!
Jared all ready to go
The Roberts
The Golledges

Ready to go...
And they're off...

Saturday, September 18, 2010

Demolition Derby

Justin and I attended the demolition derby tonight in St. Anthony! It was quintessential Idaho rednecks/white trash! So of course wanting to fit in we made sure to put on our finest duds! And let me tell was quiet an experience! It officially made me feel like I'm living in Idaho now!!Justin has been dying to dress like this for a while now so he was so excited there was an event that we were going to that I allowed him :)
My sweet boots I picked up for the DI

All of the super high class cars that participated...

Look at all that smokin'

Can't wait for next time!

Sunday, September 12, 2010

Jon Schmidt Concert

Last night we had the opportunity to attend a Jon Schmidt concert on campus! It was great! Not only great music but very funny as well...We went with Heather and Taylor Osborne. Its so nice to be neighbors with them...
At snoasis before the concert...Heather and I after the concert

It was a great night and can't wait to see him sometime again in the future!

This is a link to a video of my favorite song played that night...

My Mom's Visit

Even though we've only been gone a few weeks my mom was able to come up and stay with us for a few days! She flew in Sunday and left Thursday and Blair was able to drive up Sunday and stay until Monday night. We had a great time and we're sad to see her go...Justin and I on a windy day here
Blair, Mom, and I at the mall in Idaho Falls

Sisters :)
Justin thinks hes funny...we went on campus Monday to show Blair and my Mom around and since school started on Thursday every student was there with their parents! It was a mad house! Needless to say we didn't stay very long!
The girls
Trying to find a helmet for me for my new bike ;)
Us at the Rexburg Temple

Mom and I at Craigos for lunch on Wednesday

We brought Meghan Graff and Amy Jo Miller...we had a great time!

Justin and my mom at Cafe Rio in Idaho Falls! It is officially our new obsession!!! We went three days in a row!! Go and try the pork!!!
We can't wait until the next time she comes to visit!

Friday, September 3, 2010

1 week

Well folks we've been in Rexburg for one week now and let me tell you it has been nothing but exciting times...
What has been so exciting you ask? Well let me tell you...
  • unpacking
  • laundry
  • making dinner
  • eating lots of hostess cupcakes
  • sleeping until noon everyday because I have nothing else better to do
  • walking to campus to go to the library and bookstore
  • going to walmart about 7 times with Justin when he gets home from work
  • going to a movie
  • renting a movie
  • eating at the fine dining establishments rexburg has to offer
  • going to Winco and Sams Club in Idaho Falls
  • having lunch with my aunt and cousins
  • watching a lot of TV
  • cleaning
  • reading
  • surfing the Internet
  • checking facebook at least 50 times a day
  • skyping with my fam
  • riding the bike to subway with a backpack so I can bring home my food and beverage to watch some more TV while I eat it
  • having Hugh and Emily over for dinner
  • going to church with 50 bazillion screaming babies
  • playing games with Justin's companion and his wife as well as Summer and Brenton Anderson

Okay, okay I know this sounds like a lot of stuff...but when Justin is at work all day with our only car and I'm stuck at home all day I tend to go a little crazy!

For those of you who know me well know that I HATE TO BE AT HOME!!! I just do. Even if I'm just sitting at someone else's house I still feel like I'm out. Never been a homebody, don't think I ever will be! I just like to be around people...i need an outside connection!

As for tonight's plans...I'll probably make dinner and who knows we might go walk around and explore this town (it will probably only take about 5 minutes)

My mom gets here Sunday afternoon thank goodness! And since school starts on Thursday there should be some signs of life this week.

Well Ta Ta for now! Stay tuned for more excitement!