Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Jack's Blessing Day

Jack was blessed this past Sunday, September 2, 2012. It was an amazing day and he was given an amazing blessing by his daddy. I am so very grateful that I have a worthy husband who honors his priesthood, I am grateful for the knowledge I have that we are an eternal family, and I am forever grateful that my Heavenly Father has entrusted me with one of His precious children to raise- and I sure do hope to do the best I can because I am so in love with this little boy.

Three generations of Golledge men
Our little family of three :) 
All of the Golledge boys
The Golledge family
The Wyand Family
The food 
Such a fun time with family and friends
So glad my best-friend Jenn could come! We love her!
Aunt Blair and Jacks Grams
Jack and his Mimi
Jack and his Grandpa
Jack and his Aunt Blair
Golledge Boys
Jack and his Grandpas
Uncle Tyler wanted to join in
One lucky boy to have 2 great-great grandmas
5 generations
2 great-great grandmas
4 great-grandmas (one is in Arizona)
2 grandmas
The great-great grandmas and the great-grandmas