Tuesday, June 29, 2010

Happy Birthday...

to Lucy and I! It doesn't seem like a year ago I was leaving Disneyland to head to hospital to meet my favorite little lady!20 and not even an hour old
21 and 1

Love you Lucy!

Sunday, June 27, 2010

Lucy's 1st Birthday Party

Lucy and I's Birthday is on Tuesday...she'll be one and i'll be 21! We had her birthday party yesterday and it was really fun!The cute party favors
The food table

Taking some of her first steps

A little unsure

My mom and grandpa

The cake table

The cute cake...messed up by Grandma Findling but still tasted good

Lucy and Bradley

First time in the pool

Not a huge fan

Me and Jennifer

Uncle Bob and Lucy with her cake...happy until she touched it

Didn't like to touch it

My aunt got me a little 21st birthday cake and made me eat it with my hand tied behind my back

Up my nose

So good until I had a headache later from all the sugar!!

Lucy and I at the Del Mar Fair

We went to the Del Mar Fair on Wednesday and my Aunt decided to take a few pictures of Lucy and I...

Sunday, June 20, 2010


This past Tuesday Joyce, Bob, Troy, Connie, and I all went to Disneyland. Troy just broke his leg so he got to ride the scooter and we pushed Connie around in a wheelchair so throughout the whole day we got preferred seating, line waiting, etc. It was great!
Us waiting in line to get fast pass tickets for the water show that night...

At lunch!

Main Street

Troy loving the scooter!

He loves me so much! haha


The water show was AMAZING!!! It was worth all of the waiting! I recommend it for everyone!

And we're going again tomorrow!!!

Meadowview 5k/fun run

A few weeks ago was the Meadowview 5k/fun run! Although my in-laws have lived in Meadowview for about 15 yrs they had never participated but this year we did and it was a blast. Nothing was timed hence the "fun run" title. Here are a few pictures from the morning...Lauren Schrock, Bob, Justin, Troy, Austin Larsen
The start

At then end...second and third place! Way to go guys!
Barely making it to the finish line ;)
Me, Justin, Troy
Justin and I

When we were all done we got back to their house as fast as we could and jumped in the pool!

Great way to spend a Saturday morning!

Sunday, June 6, 2010

Before and After

26 lbs down about 40 to go!
Extension started yesterday...8 more weeks of butt kicking!