Saturday, October 29, 2011

Student Teaching Assignment

I am so excited because I finally got my student teaching assignment!!
It is no longer a mystery!

I will be going to Brimhall JHS in Mesa, AZ.
I start January 4th and my cooperating teacher in Larry Johnson.
I get to teach 8th grade social studies and I will be lucky enough to 
cover the Cold War, Civil Rights Movement, Vietnam War, etc.
Some of my favorite topics!!

Can't Wait!!

Travis and Megan's Wedding

Last Saturday we got to go to Travis and Megan's wedding!
They were married on October 22, 2011 in the San Diego Temple.
It was a beautiful day :)

Here's me and my cute brother in law Spencer
 The hunky camera man husband ;)
 The happy couple
 Love this temple!!! 
 The parents

The Golledge Fam
The brothers
 My new sister in law :)
 The three Golledge girls
 The cake

It was such a nice day and we wish them all the happiness in the world!!


We woke up last Thursday to 2 inches of water covering our entire apartment. Keep in mind that we woke up to this about an hour before we were supposed to leave for the airport to go to Justin's brothers wedding.
The washing machine hose had burst...
We called our landlord.
After leaving tons of wet clothes, shoes, furniture sitting in water, etc. we came back Sunday night to find that it still wasn't dry.
We had to stay in a hotel that night that we had to pay for!

So Monday we took off work and school and came home to this...
 and this...
 and this...

 and this...
 and this...
 and this...

We are still working on putting everything back where it belongs.
Plus they couldn't stretch back out our carpet because they would need everything cleared out...umm no thank you.
We are leaving in 7 weeks so for now we will live with lumpy carpet...
Poor people who are moving in after us!!

Saturday, October 1, 2011

I love conference! I love that we are so blessed to be able to hear from our living prophet, President Thomas S. Monson.
I love the gospel and I love this church that I am so blessed to be a part of!