Thursday, July 29, 2010

Family Pictures

The whole fam
4 generations
Nana (my great grandma)
The Riley Family...Aunt Debbie, Uncle Bob, and Lucy

Not feeling her parents kissing her ;)
The Findling Family...Uncle Terry, Aunt Sandra, Zach, Will, Matt, Thomas, Joseph

We didn't know she was taking the picture

The Wyand Family...Mom, Dad, Blair, Brad, me, and Justin

All of the grandkids
The Golledge's
Wyand Kids

He loves being kissed by his big sistas


Beautiful Lucy

Monday, July 26, 2010

Sneak Peek

Since we haven't had family pictures taken since I was five and blair was three it was about time and because my uncle and his family are here visiting right now we had them done on saturday...these are just a few until we get them all gorgeous sista!!

adorable lucy! she is so cute I can hardly stand it!!

Thursday, July 22, 2010

Laughlin 2010

Last week Justin and I were able meet up with his family in Laughlin for a couple of days! We had a great time soaking up the sun and being able to come back to a nice, clean, cold hotel room to take a shower :) Joyce, Me, Justin, Spencer
Justin thinks hes really cool
Trying to keep my hat from flying off
The in-laws
Spencer and his cousin Brooke
Troy and Tyler
Troy and I have a special kind of relationship! haha!

Justin on the air chair

The end of an attempted back flip
Joyce water skiing
Bob on the air chair
Bob's brother Mike


Brooke with the knee board
Bob and Spencer hiking up to cliff jump

Thursday, July 8, 2010

47 days...

until we get to head back to this place! Now don't get me wrong I miss BYU-Idaho NOT Rexburg, but I am willing to live there to go here. I am excited to live here...we'll be in the basement left and Heather and Taylor Osborne are in the top right! It will be so much fun!
We get to walk here!

We get to be there during this...
and this! (well justin supposedly loves the snow, but we shall see how he likes it after living it for what seems like forever!)
How grateful I am to be able to head back to a school where the Spirit leads, where we can make new memories together, meet new friends, and grow closer together!
...but most of all I am excited because I get to go with HIM!!!
We both cannot wait to head up to BYU-Idaho! It is a bit bittersweet because we have enjoyed being near our families for the past two years but we are ready for our own adventure! We are ready to make memories and to be on our own! I must admit we have been really stressed trying to work out the moving details and finding Justin a job that will support us, but I know if we both have faith that the Lord will provide! Lovely Rexburg (insert sarcasm) HERE WE 47 days that is!